Company Profile

Shanghai Chengdi Construction Corporation LTD. founded in 1997, the registered capital of 73.5 million yuan, with national professional construction qualification, ground foundation and the subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary with geotechnical engineering design, class b qualification and construction general contracting qualification. Is a national high and new technology enterprise, is the domestic pile foundation retaining the pioneers of the new technology of green environmental protection and guide.
Company has its own geotechnical technology research and development center, with the foundation research institute of tongji university has established the long-term production base, is the industry a few capable of geotechnical design, and construction of integrated enterprise. Company has won the 48 patents, of which the core concrete pipe pile grouting hole digging performance (CLP) and the back cover construction methods five-axis soil-cement mixing wall performance (FCW) has issued the Shanghai building products recommended technical procedures, and obtain certification, the provincial construction methods of the CLP method has received national certification method. Company original advanced construction technology, filled the domestic blank, and will be phased out domestic pile foundation has not changed for more than 30 years of construction object and retaining traditional mixing pile construction technology, truly green building begins from base.
As cross domain in traditional building pile foundation construction industry development model of city land development, continuous innovation, has won the construction market. The company has always been adhering to the "build a project, the tree a monument," the quality policy, adhere to: "honest and trustworthy, work conscientiously" business philosophy. At the same time, the company adhere to rely on scientific and technological innovation, the use of green, environmental protection, energy-saving and land-saving of its own core technology to reduce the comprehensive cost, shorten the construction period, guarantee the engineering quality, as the core competitiveness of enterprises, to the "high and new technology enterprise" business strategy, building foundation in one hundred, the city in one hundred.