Corporate Culture

City land vision

Based on the industry leader, set up the brand, become the industry's most trusted enterprise.

City land mission

The city's mission is to take the maximum value to customers, and rely on the new construction technology of the invention, perseverance and hard to pursue, so that we become a national green environmental protection foundation construction of leading enterprises. In order to make the city become a national first-class construction enterprise foundation pile, we will make full use of Scientific Outlook on Development's ideas, explore and create a generation of new construction technology, and seek substantial living conditions for employees.

Idea of city

Create a creative foundation construction enterprises, leading green new construction technology, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

City land responsibility

Create a green living environment for the people.

City creed

Honest and trustworthy, serious work.

City talent idea

The city adhere to grasp, to cultivate talents with policy, follow the first employment standards have both ability and political integrity, to germany. Well, talents have both ability and political integrity is the core value of the city.

City land quality policy

To build a project, a monument to the tree.

City management idea

Men must treat the treatment, treatment must treat the heart.

City marketing concept

No off-season market, only off-season thinking.

Professional team management

From the beginning we will eventually serve as a professional enterprise adhere to the first creed
With professional decision direction, with professional create quality, with professional show strength, we have a professional team, professional equipment, professional management!