How to do is civilized construction

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How to do the construction site is civilized construction, there is a picture of the truth!

Construction site should be how to do, it is truly civilized construction? "Construction safety inspection standards" (JGJ59-2011) made specific provisions:
Civilized construction inspection and assessment should be consistent with current national standard "construction site fire safety technical specifications" GB50720 and "construction site environmental and health standards", "JGJ146" technical specifications for building construction site temporary provisions of JGJ/T188.
Guarantee project
1, field enclosure
1 the main sections of the urban construction site should be set to a height of not less than 2.5m of the enclosed block;
2 the general section of the site should be set to the height of not less than 1.8m of the enclosed block;
3) the enclosure should be firm, stable, clean and beautiful.

2, closed management
1. The entrance and exit of the construction site shall be set up, and the guard room shall be set up;
2, the establishment of the guard duty management system, and should be equipped with guard duty personnel;
3 construction workers should wear work card into the construction site;
4 the construction site entrances and exits shall be marked with the name or logo of the enterprise, and shall be equipped with vehicle flushing facilities.

IC card channel

Vehicle flushing device

3, construction site
1 the construction site of the main road and material processing area of the ground should be hardened;
2) construction site roads should be smooth, the road should be smooth and solid;
3 construction site should prevent dust measures;
4) the construction site should be equipped with drainage facilities, and drainage unobstructed without water;
5 the construction site should prevent mud, sewage, waste water pollution of the environment measures;
6) the construction site should be set up a special smoking, smoking is strictly prohibited;
7) warm season should be green layout.

Road hardening

Site greening

Dust prevention measures

Smoking Department
4, material management
1) building materials, components, materials and tools should be placed in the general layout;
2) materials shall be stacked, and shall indicate the name, specifications, etc.;
3) construction site material stacking should adopt fire prevention, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other measures;
4) in the building construction waste removal, the equipment or pipeline transportation, it is strictly prohibited to throw;
5 inflammable and explosive materials shall be stored in a special warehouse, and fire prevention measures shall be formulated.

Stacking material proof shed

Construction waste transportation pipeline

Materials stacked neatly

Separate storage of dangerous goods
5, the field office and accommodation
1 construction work, material storage area and office, living area should be divided into clear, and should take appropriate isolation measures;
2) do dormitory in the application of engineering, kitchen, warehouse and shall;
3, dormitory, office space should be consistent with the fire safety requirements;
4) should be set up in the dormitory window, the bed shall not exceed 2 layers, the channel width should not be less than 0.9m;
5) accommodation staff dormitory area per capita should not be less than 2.5 square meters, and shall not exceed 16 people;
6 winter quarters should be heating and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention measures;
7) summer quarters due to sunstroke and anti mosquito measures;
8) household goods should be placed neatly, environmental sanitation should be good.

Hygiene and cleanliness in the dormitory

Closed type airing hanger

Three zone separation

6, the scene of fire
1 construction site should establish fire safety management system, the development of fire control measures;
2, the construction site temporary room and the fire protection design should meet the standard requirements;
3 the construction site shall be equipped with fire exits, fire water sources, and should meet the requirements of the specification;
4. Fire fighting equipment on construction site shall be reliable and effective;
5) the fire operation should carry out fire approval procedures, equipped with fire monitoring personnel.

Fire concentration point

Fire fighting equipment

Temporary fire box for floor
General items
1, comprehensive management
1 living area should be set up for the staff to learn and entertainment places;
2) the construction site should establish a security system, the responsibility to implement the decomposition of people;
3 the construction site should be made public security measures.

Site reading room
2, publicity signs
1) the gate should be set of public signs, the main content should include: Project Overview brand, brand, brand fire protection safety production, civilized construction, brand management personnel list and supervision of telephone card, the construction site general layout;
2) signs should be standardized, neat, uniform;
3) construction site should have safety slogans;
4) should have billboards, newspaper columns, blackboard newspaper.

Site signs and electronic screen
3, living facilities
1) health responsibility system should be established and implemented;
2 the distance between the canteen and toilets, garbage stations, toxic and hazardous sites and other sources of pollution should meet the requirements of the specification;
3) there must be a canteen hygiene license, cooking personnel must hold a health certificate;
4 the use of gas tank should be set up separate storage room, storage room should be well ventilated, and is strictly prohibited to store other items;
5) canteen sanitation should be good, and should be equipped with necessary ventilation, refrigeration, disinfection, rat proof, anti mosquito and other facilities;
6) the number and layout of the facilities in the toilet shall meet the requirements of the specification;
7) toilets must meet hygiene requirements;
8) must ensure that the scene of human health drinking water;
9) shower room should be set up, and can meet the needs of field personnel;
10) the garbage should be put into a closed container and should be cleaned up in time.

Site restaurant

Shower bath
4, community service
1) must be approved before construction at night;
2) construction site is strictly prohibited all kinds of waste incineration;
3, the construction site should be developed to prevent dust, noise, light pollution prevention measures;
4) should establish construction without disturbing measures.
Concluding remarks
This is the "construction safety inspection standards" (JGJ59-2011) specific provisions on the construction of civilization, among which 6 items, each out of 10 points, the general project 4, a score of 10 points, with WeChat to check!

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