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Time:2016-12-06    The author:Shanghai Chengdi Construction Corporation LTD.    

The company has its own research and development center, after a long period of time with the foundation of the Institute of Tongji University to establish a production base, is a small number of industries with geotechnical design, exploration and construction of the integration of enterprises. The company has applied for 60 patents, including concrete pile core hole digging grouting sealing method (CLP method) and five axis cement soil mixing wall (FCW method) has been promulgated by the Shanghai municipal building products recommended technical specification, and won the provincial level authentication method. Advanced construction technology of the original, to fill the gaps, and will gradually eliminate the domestic 30 years has not changed the main building pile foundation and retaining pile of traditional construction technology, truly green building basis from the beginning.
The company's business involves real estate, industrial, municipal, public buildings, such as underground space foundation pit, pile foundation works. Business has been in East China, Southern China, central China, North China, northeast and other regions. At present, the company has five super large foundation pit construction performance in the area of Shanghai, a large number of classic cases.
With the company, poly, Vanke, Hengda, Greentown, green, sea, land, KWG, CapitaLand, Yanlord, Xu Hui, Eastern Airlines, Jia Bao, Baolong, construction, railway, construction of Shanghai, long yuan, Shanghai urban construction, Changning group, Shanghai group, Xiangyu Group, West good world home, Shun Yuan Construction of the top ten developers and construction companies have established a good long-term cooperative relationship.
As a model of cross domain development in the traditional pile foundation construction industry, city people are determined to open up and innovate continuously, which won the full affirmation of the construction market. The company has always been adhering to the "build a project, a monument to the tree" quality policy, adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, serious work" business philosophy. At the same time, the company adhere to rely on scientific and technological innovation, the use of green, environmental protection, energy saving, saving the cost, reducing its own core technology for the owners to shorten the construction period, ensure the quality of the project, as the core competitiveness of enterprises, in order to "high tech enterprise" business strategy, build a hundred years, a hundred years to build the city.

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