City land shares listed on the stock exchange

Time:2016-12-07    The author:Shanghai Chengdi Construction Corporation LTD.    

Shenzhen daily news (reporter Zhong Guobin) Shanghai city construction Limited by Share Ltd stock listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 10th. Stock referred to as city shares, stock code 603887". The company's total share capital of 98 million 100 thousand shares, the issue price of $12.13, of which the first Internet Pricing publicly issued 24 million 600 thousand shares listed today.
City shares listed positioning is how much? China Merchants Securities believes that the market capacity of pile foundation and foundation pit, the industry continues to boom, with the industry and the company, is expected to city shares in 2016 earnings per share of 0.67 yuan, compared the company's construction of Ningbo, long yuan construction, construction and other companies in 2016 the average price earnings ratio of 38.70 times, giving the city shares 30 times to 2016 40 times earnings, the corresponding market positioning range of 20.1 yuan to 26.8 yuan.

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